Dew Heater using Home Assistant

Hi all,

I have been working on a dew heater project for my camera, and came across Home Assistant recently. Looking to implement the following using home assistant, will appreciate some guidance on how to go about this.

  1. Read Ambient Temperature / Humidity
  2. Calculate Dew_Point
  3. Read the Surface Temperature of the Lens Barrel
  4. Fire a GPIO Pin on a Pi4 if Surface_Temp = Dew_Point
  5. Loop until Surface_Temp = Dew_Point + 5 Celcius
  6. Loop items 1 to 5 every 30 seconds until stopped.

I know how to implement 1 and 3 using integrations and custom components, will appreciate some guidance on how to implement the rest.

I have seen references to some of the items but how do I put all this together?

  1. rpi_gpio
  2. Dew Point Calculator