Dexcom - could we add the timestamp to the integration

We have the value and the trend. I’m interested in knowing how current the reported value is.

The Dexcom itself is on a 5-minute clock, but the precise firing time is known only to the transmitter. Then it takes a few seconds to drunk-walk around the cloud before my follower sees it.

Thus if I trigger my poll every 5m at say 23:01:24 and the data doesn’t show up until 23:01:27, I get five-minute old data. Instead to current TOD I want to be able to show the timestamp on my Pi OLED display.

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I don’t use dexcom, but that made me laugh.

A nightscout user here. Can’t stand the dexcom stuff. My G6 sends to xdrip+. Xdrip to nightscout.

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OK, I found the “API” such that I could find documentation

So now the question is how do I add other items (trend, trend_description, and time) to the integration?