Dexcom G7 integration


Hopefully I am asking this question in the right place.

Does anyone know if there is an integration or method of integrating the Dexcom G7 into HA?

I see plenty of information for the G6 but nothing for the G7

Any guidance greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

Does the g7 upload to dexcom share? If so this should work Dexcom - Home Assistant

Also there is this if you use nightscout. Nightscout - Home Assistant

Interested in what integration ideas come from the Dexcom. I have it. I just don’t know what to do with it.

If you have color lights you can turn one red if you’re below your low glucose threshold.

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I’m very new to Dexcom and use the Follow app on my iPhone because I’m a follower and not wearing the sensor. So if the follow app uses Dexcom share, then yes, otherwise currently unsure.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll have a look and see if this works.

Thanks again,

I understand the follower app uses share to get its data.

Thank you for the suggestion, it worked !!

I have HA successfully pulling data using the existing plugin.

So essentially using the main G7 Dexcom account login with the plugin (Not the follower) it creates 2 sensors as you mentioned which exactly what I was looking for.

Now the work begins :slight_smile:

Thanks again and take care,

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We made a simple visualization for ourselves back when Sugarmate was giving out fresh data via API. We installed a few Amazon Fire HDs in the house so we don’t have to look at our phone or watch all the time. I recently moved this visualization to Home Assistant, the setup is very simple. Would be happy if anyone likes and uses GitHub - wiltodelta/homeassistant-sugartv-card: A custom lovelace card for Home Assistant that provides a better way to display Dexcom data.

It should work with Dexcom G7 too!

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Hi Bill,
I setup the G7 using the official plugin integration. I am using the main accounts username and password; not email address or phone number as the username. It appears to authenticate and sets up the two sensors in my HA. However, the values are ‘unknown’ and haven’t changed in over 24 hours. Are you using an email address, username or phone for your Dexcom integration? Did you have to approve access or make any changes on the Dexcom side? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

Logs logs logs.

Did u follow all the steps? Dexcom - Home Assistant