Dexcom & Google Hub Intergration & Alerts

My daughter who is almost two years old has been recently diagnosed with T1D, along with my wife who is going on 20 years as a T1D, they both have Dexcom CGMs.

I’m trying to intergrate the Dexcom app from within Home Assistant to alert our Google Speakers in the house with an alert that says "Your Daughters Blood Sugar is Dropping “@Rate” and is “@Number

Rate = dexcom_daughter_glucose_trend
Value = dexcom_daughter_glucose_value
2 sensors available from dexcom

And also based on a range, ie, if its is/below say 4.0 and then also is/above 10.0 we want the google speakers, or devices to alarm to advise “Sugar is going up, and is 10.6” etc

I’ve some what played around with what I’ve found on the forums, but they seem to be to out-dated to work.

I’m hoping that some one with a bit of knowledge and experience with HA, can put together something, I can test/play with, that will also run as a service? that is always checking those values. and then send command/alert when they change?

I also signed up for nabu casa subscription to easily intergrate the google assistant etc into HA.

Probably not much help because I don’t use Google Speakers, but I use the Node-Red add-on to announce on Alexa devices around my house if my glucose levels drop below a specific level.

(I use Node Red because it interfaces with Alexa easily.)

Hey @StrangerJona

here’s a quick Automation I created based on my previous Low BGL alert

alias: Low BGL
description: ""
  - platform: state
      - sensor.dexcom_glucose_value
  - condition: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.dexcom_glucose_value
    below: 4
  - service: tts.google_translate_say
      cache: false
      entity_id: media_player.speakers
      message: >-
        Blood Sugar is {{ states('sensor.dexcom_glucose_value') }} &
mode: single

I use the Google Translate TTS & media_player.speakers is a group with all my Google Home speakers in it.

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Ohhh! I’m going to give this a crack when I get home. Thankyou muchly. Hopefully it’s at least a start, and I can tweak from there. I’ll let you know how it goes in the coming day or two!

Ok, I’ve put it into HA, and when I manually run it, it plays through the speaker saying “Blood Sugar is UNKOWN, and UNKOWN”
I checked the sensors, and exposed them, to assistant, I did notice that the Google Assistant says that it’s Unsupported
I haven’r made any other changes for now. Until I can get it to tts a number. any ideas?

*EDIT: It my myfault, I was missing the full sensor name in the read out! That soultion worked a treat. now to tweak it, thankyou again.

Hi there do you by anychance have a step by step how to go about adding it. My son has t1 and has autism and would love to add this just because he is non verbal and is constantly moving around.