Dexcom- not available

A few days ago, I changed the password to my account. I expected Home Assistant to lose connection and become “Unavailable”. No problem, just update the password on the Dexcom configuration.

Problem… I can’t find how to do this. Where are the Dexcom login credentials stored?

Temporary solution- change the password back to the original. But, the Dexcom sensor is still “unable”.

Help would be appreciated.

You should find it in


The ONE place I didn’t look in. I was under the impression that .storage files were off-limits to user tinkering?

But after fixing the password in core.config_entries and restarting HA, everything works again.

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It’s supposed to be off limits, but some integrations were migrated to UI without proper thinking, and do not allow basic capabilities such as changing user/password or API keys.

The “proper” way is to remove and reinstall the integration, but hey, are we tinkerers or are we not :wink:

That was going to be my next step. And, yes this was a custom integration until a few months ago when it became an official component.

I know this is an old thread, but I am experiencing the same issue. I can’t seem to locate my storage folder. Do you have any suggestions?

It is a hidden folder named .storage in the config folder.

thanks…total noob question here, but how do I unhide it so that I can update my dexcom password?

Interesting question. I am guessing that you are using the File Editor add-on. Until you asked, I did not know that the editor add-on does not expose hidden files or folders. And I don’t see a way to change that.

I use the Samba add-on and do all my editing on my PC. The PC doesn’t recognize the Linux method of hiding files or folders by starting the name with a dot, so my editor on the PC has no problem opening it.

I am actually using Studio code server but I will try adding the Samba add-on

I never use Studio Code Server - too complex. I just use Notepad++ on my PC. After installing the Samba Share add-on, you should see this on your PC’s File Manager:


thank you for trying to help. I installed it but I can’t locate it on my PC. Is deleting the dexcom integration and reinstalling it an option? I’m worried I am going to lose all of my custom automations if I delete it

Is the PC is on the same local network as the Home Assistant server?

Here is a video of how to set up Samba Share.

If you really want to use Studio Editor, I found a way to make the .storage folder visible:

Open the editor.
Open Settings:

Click on Text Editor
Click on Files
Scroll down to "Exclude"
Delete the line: 

!thank you! I got it to work with Samba and found the hidden storage folder!