Deye/Sunsynk Inverter Integration/Add-on

Hey Guys

Has anyone had success installing and using this Add-On with a Deye inverter?

I know it is built for Sunsynk but it does say that people have had success with Deye as well which is essentially the same hybrid inverter with different branding.

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Fore Deye inverter us this instead, I’ve had success works out the box using the WiFi data logger

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Hi, the only way i found was to use curl in the command_line - Platform, see: PV balcony power plant commissioning and HA integration

Hi Clayton, it should work with Deye or any branded inverter Sunsynk/SolArk/Turbo-E - Deye/Sunsynk Inverters | sunsynk

Use the Multi plugin as it support single & three phase inverters + custom sensors

Hi All,

I am seeing a lot of issues with the integration of inverters Deye/Sunsynk. Hopefully, this helps some. If you’re using the inverter with the E-Linter data logger use gdwaterworth solution (Unfortunately not local LAN). If you’re using the inverter with the Solarman data logger, use Stephan solution (Local LAN).

See attached image to figure out which logger you have and then pick a solution. I have tested both solutions in the South African market.


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I have a Bosswerk MI600 which is (according to my information) a re.branded Inverter and the same like the Deye 600.
The Bosswerk works perfectly with the Omnik Integration:

Maybe it’s worth a try?

Could you show something more?

Sure - what do you need?

a screenshot of the services and entities with the values ​​to have an overview of what is output.

This is what I get:

The best option is to buy solarassitant. It runs on an raspberry pi. Then use mqqt to let solarassistant communicate with home-assistant. Is it working fine by me for at least 2 years.

Hi - I have a Sunsynk inverter installed in an off-grid guesthouse in the Western Cape. The house itself uses a lot of home automation features. My primary hub is Alexa, but there are devices connected to Alexa via eWelink, Smartthings, SmartLife, and NetHome.

I’m desperately looking for somebody to help me integrate my Sunsynk and SolarMD configuration into one of these platforms. At the very simplest level, I’d like to be able to monitor the SOC of my batteries and trigger smart home functions (like turn off air conditioners at some threshold, etc)

I’m not looking for just another phone-based autonymous monitoring app.

I’m unsure if I can leave contact information here, but our guest house is called “The Unbound.” (in South Africa, not Amsterdam) Feel free to Google that and connect with us via the website.

Our guests keep running the batteries down with no warning, and I’m happy to compensate somebody to help me solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,
Willem Grobler

I’m trying to follow the E-Linter-Logger solution but I have an issue with Nodered steps ! I import without problem the flows in node and added palettes but I can’t get it how to setup the long live token in NodeRed ! I don’t have the exact same in my Nodered:
Someone knows what’s wrong ?