Dezonz with Philips Hue

Hello there, I was wondering if you guys know if you can add Philips Hue lights to home assistant using Deconz without the Philips Hue bridge?

Shure :slight_smile:
I’m using here a mix of hue lights, ikea lights and some other zigbee lights from other brands.
All of them are paired to the conbee stick an usable within home assistant.

Here you will have a link for all supported devices:

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Wow, thanks for the fast response Simon! I have a Conbee 2 and I love adding new Zigbee devices and combine them into one place. I have some ikea lamps and Xiaomi Aqara sensors. But I wasn’t sure if I can add Philips Hue lights to Deconz. I read that’s the protocol that they use is Zigbee, so it’s possible?

Put the hue lights in pairing mode then in decon do a scan wait and pray to get the the hue light into pairing mod use the hue remote

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Well thanks for your response Stephan. So if i understand it right you need a remote to to get it in pairing mode? And hope it will in Deconz?

My experience is that a brand new Hue bulb should be in pairing mode when you switch it on. I think a bulb that has been deleted from hub will behave the same. No need for Hue remotes.

I too have mostly Ikea bulbs and Xiaomi sensors. They are great value aren’t they :slight_smile:

No, you don’t need a remote to get it into pairing mode. But it can help if you run into issues.

I’d recommend getting a dimmer switch to keep handy just in case since you can always use it to reset a bulb if you run into trouble.

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