DHCP issues

After troubleshooting for months now I hope the community can help me. I have home assistant running satisfactory except once every couple of weeks. Usually during the night it looks to me that some kind of DHCP server in home assistant takes over. It ruins my whole network including the wired connections. The only way to reset it is disconnecting and rebooting home assistant. Obviously I can not read the log file after that so I have no idea what caused it.

Things I tried:

  • Putting an older backup of HA back up.
  • Updating to the latest version of HA.
  • Deleting “suspected” integrations.
  • Checking that there is no DHCP server active.
  • Buying a new Raspberry Pi 4 where HA runs on


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I’m curious, what make router are you using?

Have you looked into the log file “home-assistant.log.1”?

[Home assistant fucks up complete network]

Why :slightly_frowning_face: ??
Is that really necessary or assists in you sorting your issue ?


Agreed please change the title. That was unnecessary.

Now as to the issue.

You said it appears as

Details please. Can you not connect to any devices? Do new devices not get IP addresses? Theres not enough details here to start troubleshooting.

Could be as simple as the port on the switch is dying, or thousands of other reasons. As said before, not enough details.

I am using a nightgear nighthawk R9000 with firmware v1.0.5.38. Behind that is a Orbi system (one main, two sattelites) configured as bridge with DHCP off ofcourse.

Sorry for using that language, but not being native English caused it I think. Not trying to offend anybody but trying to describe my problem in one title!

Nope, where can I find it off the network? What does it do for me?

Fixed the title, sorry for that.

It looks like 90% of the devices are “taken over” when that happens. One of the wired devices out of 9 stays online (a camerea where I have 5 of the same camera’s). It looks like they get their IP adresses from some kind of DHCP server starting with different numbers than I have configured my network. When I disconnect HA from the network and reset the router (Nightgear Nighthawk) everything comes back online again.

I understand the information is limited. If I was able to look at the Log file I would have lots of information and figured it out by now I guess. As stated it happens only once every couple of weeks and usually during th night. I have not caught it happening “in the act” yet.

What happens if you leave HA connected and reset the router?

Nothing, the network is still offline.

What integrations are you using? Pihole?

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What is it that makes you think that HA is acting as a DHCP server?

Home Assistant itself has no DHCP server capability. There are add-ons you can install that can do that though - like AdGuard, PiHole, and others.

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I use a variaty of integrations. TuyaV2, Shelly, ewelink, Mosquito MQTT, Bose none of which I can think off will take over my DHCP server… I do not use Pihole

Because my whole network gets offline. If I look at some of my switches I find them on a different (internal) IP adress.

Does it get a different address in the same subnet? Or something in a completely different subnet?

Is it possible that these compete for dhcp somehow?

I would do new install and resetup if I truly believed HA was cause. It is unlikely but if it was cause I’d expect any attempt to restore backup would have same result and new install was only option. Again, HA Not do dhcp but some addon can.

When it happens, connect your laptop and let it obtain an IP.

Then check with IPConfigg /all from which DHCP server it got the IP….
Once you know the IP address of the rogue DHCP server it should be easy to hunt it down :wink: