DHCP Option

I’ve searched the HA forums and Google, but there is no mention of configuring DHCP “options” other than the 7 listed in documentation.

For example, DHCP option 66 is the address for TFTP servers. DHCP option 44 is a NetBIOS name server, etc. There are dozens of different DHCP options.

I’ve attempted to add these directly by option number in YAML. It doesn’t cause an error and the configuration is not removed; however, it doesn’t change the DHCP server’s output to include this information, either.

Here’s an example:

  - broadcast:
    interface: eth0

Sidenote: Home Assistant’s editor changes the 66 to “66”.

Any ideas for how to include other DHCP “options”?

Thank you in advance!


The name of the program is HOME assistant. Few homes have multiple DHCP servers and I can’t see how any Home Assistant user would be using Microsoft WINS servers.

Option 66 is a tool where the network is provisioning a large number of devices. Like an office building with hundreds of IP phones.

Got a link to that?

Are you using the DHCP server addon?

First obvious question: Why?
Don’t you have a router providing DHCP capabilities?

Many consumer routers can not be configured with those settings and I do not think the DHCP server addon is better in this area either.
The best way is probably to install a separate full DHCP server, like a Linux with a dhcpd daemon.

@tom_l Got a link to that?

Yes, @koying had posted it:

@koying - Yes, I’m referring to the Home Assistant DHCP Add-On.

Thank you for the suggestion, @WallyR

It appears the simple answer is that the HA DHCP server does not support any DHCP options other than the 7 listed in the documentation (along with a more snark off-topic attempts than necessary).

I hope this succinct answer helps someone else that goes searching. Or better, this information can be added to the documentation linked above.

It already does, doesn’t it :wink:

To a pedantic and equally unhelpful poster, perhaps.

I already have the information and I have no issue with it. I was offering a suggestion to help others.

To be clear, every “simple” DHCP server in linux can serve any DHCP option you give it. I take no issue with the HA limitation; that doesn’t excuse the filppant disregard for constructive discourse.

And you feel your comments (some snarky) have contributed or will contribute to positive and constructive discourse?

you feel your comments (some snarky) have contributed or will contribute

I asked a simple question.

I avoided engaging with people that attempted to take it off-topic.

I never asked for a feature, never complained about the fact that it couldn’t do it.

I simply intuited that the answer was “can’t do it” and suggested adding it to the documentation to help others.

Not sure why a simple question, where the answer was accepted, has to become a pissing contest.

By all means, continue to go off-topic; however, as an adult that has no interest in taking threads off-topic, I’m leaving the thread.

To whomever might read this topic in the future:

  1. Please state what you’re talking about in your OP. Avoid having people willing to help you guess.
  2. If a product documentation doesn’t mention a feature, assume it doesn’t support it. Devs tends to be proud of the feature they implement, and mention + document it.
  3. Following up 2), trying random combination of code rarely works out
  4. Using buzzwords like “pedantic” triggers people to think you cannot properly read documentation and are pissed to be reminded of that fact
  5. Telling someone he isn’t “constructive” only means you didn’t have what you wanted and you’re pissed about it. Avoid…