DHCP Server - Expose dhcpd.lease file

Currently to view the dhcpd.lease file requires logging into the container via the SSH terminal and using docker.

Could that file location be changed to one of the shared locations i.e. /config or /share

Did you try to add a symlink?

I would prefer that this feature is native to the Add On.

That’s a file in the main HAOS.
Add-ons run in a docker.
What addon are you talking about?

Why would users need to see this? Just to see when the lease will expire? And why is that important? I think the FR needs a justification.

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The DHCP addon.

To the OP, you can do it if you want. Not sure why you would want to.

I use it to get IP from MAC address. Handy when I just want to see what IP a device has on the network.

When I was running DHCP on another server, I would pull that information into a device database for other uses.

TBH, I thought the discussion would be about why you would not place this information on a shared folder rather than why I would want to do it.

I was wondering the same.

Advanced IP Scanner will do this, as well as my router.

I did not ask for other tools, hacks or how to’s, I just put in a Feature request for a standard AddOn to change where it stored its file.

If the owners of the Add On don’t wish to do it, that is fine.

If I find a place to delete the post / close the thread I will.

You can typically run an arp command anywhere on your network. If you know the MAC it’s easy to look up the IP.

Asking for justification isn’t unreasonable, as proven by several other responses. The burden is on you to motivate for a request. This is an extremely large project with limited time and resources.

Alternatives are useful until such time a feature is implemented, if ever.