DHCP Server - problem with one lease


I installed the DNS and the DHCP server.
Everything is working well.

I made 10 DHCP lease’s reservations for specifics machines. It works.

But, for one PC, it’s not working.

This machine can’t obtain her DHCP lease’s reservation, the PC says “the IP is already in use” (it’s not true). The machine take a rando IP.

On HA, in the DHCP server, for this MAC address, the last digit is in RED :

If I change :19 with :18, the machine obtains a random IP in the good DHCP range.
If I put back :19, the problem is back.

I checked and rechecked, the MAC address is good.

This is the only one where a part of the MAC address is red. I checked if there is a SPACE, invisible caracter, no.

I never saw this kind of things in 25 years.

Do you have any idea, please?

Any idea please ?

Never seen such problem. I would simply use another address for the reservation.

The problem is on the MAC address, not the IP.

It doesn’t accept a digit at the last part of the MAC adresse, but a letter is working.

Bug in the addon ?

It’s only on the last part of the MAC address.
letter + digit is working ( :A2 )
digit + leter is working ( :2A )
digit + digit is not working ( :22 )


Which is it?

Try putting the MAC address in quotes?