DHT Sensor breaking change

There is a breaking change for the DHT Sensor. Can someone explain how I need to add the D prefix?

DHT Sensor

The pin configuration option is currently an integer but will need to be prefixed with D for Raspberry Pi platforms.

Please adjust your YAML configuration for this change.

This is my current setting.

  - platform: dht
    sensor: DHT22
    pin: 4
    name: mdf
    scan_interval: 60
     - temperature
     - humidity

I believe it’s just going to be

pin: D4
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Ok. Thanks. Will try.

If that doesn’t work try D2.

It says breaking change, but with the setup I mentioned above didn’t break. I just happened to stumble upon the breaking change message and figure I will fix it. After updating to

pin: D4

and reboot HA. It still works.