DHT sensor stoped working after HA core update (2022.4)

Hi friends.

For years I have had my DHT22 working fine attached to my Raspberry. After this last HA core update (2022.4.1)… it doesn’t work anymore. Reading the notes, it says the integration was removed!! what the hell? now what?


Any ideas? Ok, the HA update has plenty of new features, but why remove an integration already working???

Thank you in advance

As for any removed integration:

or wait for someone else to do it for you via HACS.

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Thank you very much for the quick response!
folder created and files added

But I didn’t understand when you said " * Add "version": "2022.3.8", as the second to last value in manifest.json"

Without this part, it doesn’t work yet.

Is it possible to explain a bit more, with screenshots if possible?

Thank you sr.


  "domain": "dht",
  "name": "DHT Sensor",
  "documentation": "https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/dht",
  "requirements": [
  "codeowners": [
  "version": "2022.3.8",
  "iot_class": "local_polling"

Thank you so much!!
your solution has worked perfectly for me to do that
my dht sensors connected directly to gpio keep working with home assistant :slight_smile:

hi there. Could you explain what you did?
I already downloaded the files and added them to the folder, but I don’t what else I have to do. I´m a newbie, so please have patience. lol

Thank you very much!

It is working now! The problem was: The 1st link you sent to download the 3 files, is different than the last link you just sent.

I downloaded the files again, edited the manifest.json, and bingo! (This new manifest.json has 1kb, the old one has 141kb…)

Integration not working again in hass .7 :cry:

I removed mine from my pi. My pi used to freeze all the time… I thought it was my SD card, but when I removed my DHT, it never froze again.