DHT11 ESPEasy MQTT(Solve)


I’m a new user with Home Assistant, I use Domoticz since a long. I try to configure my Wemos D1 with MQTT and Home Assistant.

I can see the connection with the internal MQTT Broker in the log with the Wemos. But I can read value in a card (Lovelace)…

There is my configuration in yaml.configuration:

 - platform: mqtt
   state_topic: lampe/DHT/Temperature
   name: "Température Poules"
   unit_of_measurement: "°C"
 - platform: mqtt
   state_topic: lampe/DHT/Humidity
   name: "Humidité Poules"
   unit_of_measurement: "%" 

And the log of the MQTT Broker:

1573269760: New connection from on port 1883.

The configuration with my Wemos ESPEasy:

Thanks for your help

What messages do you see in e.g MQTT-fx, MQTT Explorer or MQTT Lens ?

It seems I have a problem with ESPEasy, in the log I see:

842237: WD : Uptime 14 ConnectFailures 0 FreeMem 21520 WiFiStatus 3
857137: MQTT : Intentional reconnect
857267: MQTT : Failed to connect to broker

I try with mqtt explorer and nothing appear from my Wemos, but I am able to publish from a terminal.

Here are my MQTT and ESP settings for a DS18B20 temperature sensor. You need to make sure that “send data” is ticked so that your readings are sent to your broker.

I notice your ESP is not picking up a temperature reading which is strange as the Humidity is showing - could be a faulty DHT.

If you ever have time and a wemos left, give esphome a try.

Thanks for your reply.

I forgot the user and password in the espeasy… Now my 2 espeasy are connected. And I see the Humidity and Temperature of my Chicken House. !

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