DHT22 random/error temperature

Yesterday I connectect every DHT22 sensor to HA.
This morning I checked I chart of the temperature and unfortunately I found that sometime the readed temperature is wrong.
Here some examples:

Is there any way to fix it? or are there any more reliable sensors to use?


I have a DHT22 connected to a Sonoff. The Sonoff sends temperature and humidity data from the DHT22 to homeassistant via MQTT. I have not seen the apparent wild variability that you are seeing. How do you have the DHT22 connected and how is the data getting to homeassistant in your configuration?

@sfarzie, check your config and see if you don’t have two or more sensors publishing to the same topic.

Thanks for your answers.
I think I found the problem.
I don’t want to use wifi sensor so I wired all my rooms.
As you can Imagine there are sensors near PI and sensors far…
Thinking about that I used a ethernet cable in order to reduce the noise.

I discovered the near sensors work properly, but reading from far sensors sometimes I receive this “strange” values.
What’s the best way to solve the problem? Is there any way to discard them?