DHT22 resetting Sonoff

Hey guys, my apologies if this belongs in Hardware… please move if that is the case.

I have several sonoff switches around my houes and I recently got in a batch of DHT22 temp sensors i figured i could add to several of them. I wired one up tonight, and after plugging in the sonoff with the attached sensor it blinks off/reboots 4 or 5 times before it settles in and goes back to normal. I’ve tried 2 different DHT22’s and they both cause the sonoff to act the same way… though i haven’t tried them on another sonoff. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior? It’s been on steady for 30 minutes now and reporting temperature and humidity, but if i pull the power and plug it back in it does the same thing.

FWIW, when i switched to a new DHT22 i also used the RX pin instead of GPIO 14. Same result.

What software you got on you sonoff

Oh, meant to mention that. Running tasmota

I think you’d rather report it in Tasmota Github instead.