Diagnose IKEA Tradfri devices

My HA setup is using mostly Ikea Tradfri devices. Some of them are used with the Ikea integration because I don’t need anything that requires HA (I just turn them on and off by physical switches, no automations etc). This means that I also have the IKEA hub active.
But I have a couple that are integrated via ZHA, with a Sonoff Zigbee USB stick. Most of them work fine but I have one outlet and one bulb that are acting up. Basically they both display the same behaviour: they just shut down for a fraction of a second then come back up; they may do this a few times then they are not available in HA anymore. The lightbulb may sometimes start turning on and off very quickly and it only stops if unplugged. The HA logs only display the expected events before this shutdown/restart cycle and nothing related to these events (I can tell by looking at the timestamps, there’s nothing logged at the time this behaviour is displayed)
I think I can assume that the zigbee network is fine since other devices in the same rooms are working fine? And in any case, if it was a zigbee issue should there not be something in the logs?
For now I am assuming they are defective and will replace them, but just for my education, is there anything else I could try?
I tried using them both via the ZHA integration and via the IKEA integration and they do the same thing.
Thank you, any advice is much appreciated.