Diagnosing sluggish high cpu usage on HASSIO

HI all,
Currently, i’m running a Pi4 with HASSIO.
I am awaiting the HA Blue which i will move over to when it arrives.
However, i’m concerned about moving over.

The current setup (pi4 - 2gb) is running sluggish, high CPU.
If i do a snapshot and move over to blue, i’m worried the sluggishness will move over to the new system too.
So i want to work out now whats causing the high cpu.

What tool do i have to diagnose this?
I’m running OS 5.9, supervisor 2020.12.7.

When you say sluggish, do you mean the frontend is sluggish, automations are sluggish or other things are sluggish?

Take a look at the supervisor tab and then ‘system’ and you can view the CPU usage for the Core and Supervisor Containers.

Are you running any add-ons? You can see how much CPU each add-on is using HA 0.116 / Supervisor 247 - Core and Supervisor & Addon Stats

There is also the ssh& terminal add-on which you can run the command ‘htop’ to see what is using CPU. Although this is often rather generic and may not provide a smoking gun.

Automations seems resposive, its the frontend. Sometimes i can be waiting over a minuts for a lovelace window to open. Graphs don’t ever seem to load when i click on meters/thermometers.
I do use MariaDB to handle data here.

I do have many addons, evohome_cc, agile pricing, all use within custom compenents.
Thats where i feel the issues lie, but until i get evidence, it means nothing.
Thanks for the link, i will look into that and see what it hints at.