Diagral e-One Alarm API Integration

While looking into my alarm system today, I realised that Diagral has published some API information to communicate with their e-one alarm system.


I’ve played with Python and Home Assistant but unfortunately do not have any development experience to start such a project.

If someone is interested to work on it, I can provide testing support - it would be great to have this alarm integrated in Home Assistant.

Hi @Dcc,

Did you find a solution for this?


Hi @shellux,

So far not. I’ve been looking into integration development and the documentation how to approach it but it’s not an easy task for me, I’m not a developer unfortunately. And I lack time on top of that.

Are you also looking for a solution?


Hi @Dcc and @shellux
I’m also looking for a solution. A french developer has made a PHP API for it, available here : mguyard/Diagral-eOne-API-PHP: Diagral PHP API for Diagral Alarm System (github.com)
I managed to retrieve my alarm status using the same requests, but with Postman.
I wanted to develop a custom HA integration but I’m not good enough with Python to make it work right now.
Have any of you guys enough experience with Python development to migrate the PHP api to a custom integration in HA ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link @theggz. I’ll have a look but my skills are far from enough. I’ll ask a colleague to check if that’s something he can handle.


Something new about this ?
I see an integration exists on Jeedom.


FYI, it seems that HAGER developer portal is for their partners only. So I don’t think we can create an API key…

There is a Jeedom plugin: Jeedom-Diagral_eOne/3rparty/Diagral-eOne-API-PHP at master · mguyard/Jeedom-Diagral_eOne · GitHub

I’ll see to create a plugin for Eedomus. I don’t use HomeAssistant, but I guess it won’t be too difficult using the Jeedom plugin?!

I tried do migrate the code from the Jeedom PHP plugin several months ago, but my integration was not very stable.
The first way I found to refresh the alarm status was to send a request to the Diagral Cloud every X seconds / minutes. But sometimes the Diagral Cloud denies my requests, probably because it has a limit per hours / day.
Another way to refresh the status was to configure an email on the Diagral app when the alarm status changes. This way it should be possible to send the request to the cloud only when an email is received on a specific inbox.
But I noticed that the email is not always sent, so not a viable solution either.

Tutorial on the French-speaking forum, use of notifications from the diagral application to send emails to home assistant.