Dialog with HA for actions choosing

So I had some time to think what I would like most as automation. Currently i have a motion detector and based on time and day, there is different actions it does (choosing different switches in that room).
Now I would like to have a choice to be presented with when i enter the room, so more a conversational approach.
So when that motion sensor triggers, I would like to have a voice asking me:
1 what switches i want on
2. what temperature i would like for how long

and then the HA will make that happen.
I saw the DialogFlow integration, but i dont get it completely. What device can i use for speach. I do have a google home mini, but i fail to understand the setup to create here.
Anyone ideas on this or know better optoins?

So lets give a small update
I kindof understand dialogFlow integration and got the sample working in google project.
Where does the diaglog flow interact with the user, i really dont get it and feel pretty stupid. in and output text/speech is pretty unclear to me where to set/initiate.
Anyone care to explain?

for the sake of getting somewhere, i asked a chatGPT question how to do dialogflow
To automate chat interactions with Home Assistant through Dialogflow, you will need to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Set up a Dialogflow agent.
  2. Connect your agent to Home Assistant (Integrations > Home Assistant).
  3. Determine what user intents and entities make up your chatbot conversation.
  4. Create your intents and entities in Dialogflow.
  5. Train your agent to understand how to respond to user queries.
  6. Test your chatbot to ensure it is responding appropriately.
  7. Configure the integration in Home Assistant to enable the chatbot.
  8. Integrate your chatbot with an external messaging platform (e.g. Facebook Messenger).

so now i get the input needs to be outside HA… will start looking in to other soltuions. Probably the speach stuff for 2023 will help me soon enough