Dialogflow works in test console, but not via google assistant

I have the dialogflow integration working from the google actions test console, but when I speak to a google home device, there is no sign that my intents are being recognized. E.g., I enter “Home temperature?” in the console, I can see it calling my webhook and matching my intent script, and responding with “The temperature is 72 degrees.”

But when I say: “Hey Google, Home temperature” to my google home device, it says my nest device is not registered, or something like that. I.e., it is what it would say if I did not have smart home action intents registered with google.

I am unable to find anything in the docs or by web searches which says what, if anything, I am supposed to do to get google assistant to recognize my custom intents.

Does anyone have this working? The Smart Home integration is not supposed to require a lead in, like “Hey Google, Ask whoever, Home temperature”, Right? That is only for “conversation mode” integrations, correct? My understanding is that “Smart Home” mode does not require a lead-in. Please correct me if that is incorrect…

Please, any advice for what I am missing or how I can troubleshoot this?

Thanks! Dick

As I am getting no responses, can anyone suggest the best forums to post this which might result in some answers? I am getting nowhere with this, but it certainly looks like it must work for someone…

It sounds like I was wrong about the “Hey Google, talk to …” requirement.

The “Smart Home” mode does not preclude this. You cannot just say, “Hey Google, home temperature?”, you have to say, “Hey Google, ask [my dialogflow app], home temperature?”

Furthermore, unless you Publish your app, the response will always say, "Alright, here’s the test version of [my dialogflow app]…

Between the two, it pretty much ruins it for me… Off to the drawing board.