Did anybody already compile a firmware with the new 1.15.1?

When I compile a new firmware everything crashes.
The host is pingable but all addons like ssh, configurator, hassio, esphome crash and can only be recovered by a power cycle.

I’m on hassio 0.114.1 and esphome 1.15.1 installed from the community repository.

In my case in the past I had my system crashing due to out of memory. See this post: ESP Nodemcu v3 not detected in ESPHome

Compiled successfully today (ESPHome on Hassio on an RPI4).

I’m all good. Successfully updated 11 devices without issue.

All good here as well.

Compiled one for s31 and CPU spikes to 100% on the VM for some time, everthing is responsive though. I’m using hassio on proxmox. I believe this is normal behavior. I get a high load and IO when I was using rpi4 and usb ssd.

Thank you all for your feedback. After hours of trying I was able to redeploy to all my devices.

Even after everything grinded to a halt, the esphome seemed to continue compiling and uploading the firmware, because after the power cycle the devices mysteriously were on the new firmware.

This happened at least 10 times yesterday. I waited a realy long time (more then 30 min) but the system (raspy 3b+) did not recover without a powercycle.

Without changing the configuration it successfully deployed the second time. So this seems to only happen on the first compile.

It’s unsatisfying not to know the cause but everything seems to be fine now.

Knowing you’re on a RPi 3B+ makes a little more sense. I’ve since upgraded, but I was previously using a 3B and ESPHome compiling and uploading always put a high load on the device (though never brought it totally to a halt). Maybe 1.15 has just enough of an increase in what needs to compile versus prior versions that it’s too much for your Pi.

The other possibility: were you clicking the three dots and Update All? It sounds like you might have been since you said all of your devices were on the new firmware after power cycle. If that’s the case, that might have been your problem. If you had a lot of devices to update, compiling and uploading all of those files back-to-back is going to put cumulative stress on your system, and if you’re sitting at a high load and a high CPU temperature, the RPi will start throttling the CPU as necessary, and it may have just had to throttle down to the point that anything other than the ESPHome compile process was brought to a screeching halt. When I was updating multiple ESPHome on my RPi, I’d always do one at a time and wait for the CPU usage and temperature to get back down to a normal range before doing another.

Yes suspected a performance problem as well.
I did update them one by one though, and without changing the config, it sometimes happened and sometimes not.
Everything is fine now, and after the initial compile, which put an extra strain on the system, because the build files are deleted on a version change, all following compiles were successful.

It might be time for am upgrade to a RPi 4

If your system is working fine other than when compiling and uploading ESPHome, you could try running ESPHome on a different computer if you’re comfortable trying the command line version. It won’t be as tightly integrated as the add-on obviously, but if you have a more powerful machine available, you could take that route (and it wouldn’t have to be always-on, just when you are updating ESPHome devices).