Did homeESP change the HA url?

Hi there,

So I installed homeESP on a HA instance that run on a VirtualBox in windows 11 on an old-ish desktop.

It worked nicely, and I started generating the firmware for an ESP device. It appears that was a bit much to ask so it crashed the computer that the VirtualBox ran on. Opun starting it up, the url http://homeassistant.local:8123/ that I previously used to acces HA now returns nothing (“this site can’t be reached”). The observer url also returns the same.

The command line tool for HA is live, and I can interact with HA with it. Amongst other things, I used it to restore my backups from before installing HomeESP, but it did not help.

How do I get back in my HA?

I assume you mean esphome. No, it doesn’t change the url, but use the ip address.

And if you meant HomeESP you are in the wrong forum.

Wow, wasn’t aware of that!

HA runs in a virtual machine (virtual box) and there is no port forwarding set up. So the IP doesn’t work.

That was a mistake on my part. I meant ESPHome. I wasnt aware there was another one.

Every host, even a virtualbox one, has an IP address.

I did some further investgation and finaly decided to kill the thing entirely and start over from a backup. Mostly I just wanted to say thanks for your answers :slight_smile: