Did I brick my Zooz S2 Zen77 dimmer when installing it?

Did I brick my Zooz S2 Zen77 dimmer? Installed it without turning the breaker on. I think when pushing the switch back into the box, the screws came in contact with the switch beside it, perhaps putting 120v somewhere it should not have gone.

No blue light, won’t connect, won’t reset to factory. Voltmeter shows 120v between neutral and line as measured ON THAT SWITCH. When I jump the line and load, the lights turn on, and the dumb 3-way works to turn the lights on and off.

So sure sounds like the switch. Is it that easy (I know I screwed up) to brick the Zooz switches, or any others for that matter?

Yep sounds fried.

Yes it’s that easy remember it’s a computer and a radio miniaturized… It was never designed to have 15A/120 pushed through the lo voltage side.

Order a new one and don’t do electrical with your breaker on.

Lock out tag out.

Ordered. Love the product by the way. Very good for dimming, was using Jasco GE Enbrighten (yes that’s one name) prior to using these and often dimmable bulbs were either on or off.

Also a fan of Zooz gear. Love My Zen32s…