Did I forget a password

Forgive the question, but I’ve been reading for hours and am at loss. I wanted to copy my SQLite db into Windows (and I figured out another way to do this now, SO I AM NOT ASKING HOW TO DO THIS), so I SSH’ed from my windows machine into HA (running HA os on a Rasp Pi 4). I enter username of root and my understanding is the password is blank, so I hit return. Access Denied. I try all the passwords I might have used to no avail. If I really forgot a password, I might want to blow the whole thing up and start over. I still have access to the HA shell if I connect a monitor and keyboard to the Pi. I still can log into the web interface at http://homeassistant.local:8123 – so while I figured out another way to access the sqlite db, I am worried that if I really forgot a password, it will sting me the further down the line I get with this setup if I don’t blow it up and start over so I have that password. Did it give me a chance to change my root password when I first setup HA OS on the RaspPi4?

You need to install and configure the SSH add-on to allow you to do that.

So looking at the config of Advanced SSH & Web Terminal, I did input a password but it says the username is hassio – so is it just that root isn’t the right user and I should just use hassio as the root user?

Yes, you set hassio as the user, not root.

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