Did run out of space during update, now HA wont start

I would have “examined” the DB-file, before doing any “switch-over” to Maria, i.e if you just installed a “New” HA, and it’s over 1GB, after less than a day, you are doing something wrong ( sorry my expression ) , for sure you can’t use default settings, and you must have a-lot of entities/automatons/devices etc. to create that amount of “entries” in your DB … are you sure it’s 1GB and not 100MB ?
In regards to the “Backups” yes, some times “major” changes are announced in the HA, Forum, Website, even in FB, beside in HA-Configuration, regardless off your specific installation, experience, integrations etc. it is a “Good” routine to read the Update-Note, before clicking the “Red” button, atleast you then get an idea of what is “cumming” , where HA is “Going” and how that particular update can affect your system( If you click the Red Button).
Ha developers could have “decided” for You, that you can only have i.e 10 Monthly “Update” Backups in the Systems Backup folder, and auto-deleted old ones( not the good ones ), and they could have decided how “Big” your DB-file is “allowed” to be, they could even have decided(hard-coded) retention/purge-policies, and limits for integrations/add-ons, and amount of “Errors” in log-file before, “entries deleted” or “system-failure” locks the HA, for “manual maintenance” ( Good idea ?, i think not ), and i could keep on, but the “beauty” of HA is that you can basically “Do what you wanna do” … but do check your DB-file +/Purge/Recorder/Logger-settings and read the updates-note (i.e new/change in core-features)

all true, but a wise implementation would be, to check if there is space for an update and to give a head up in the UI if the space runs out, say less than 50% in stock mode but adjustable.

I cant do anything wrong, its just the file the HA project provided for virtualization form the official page. No changes, aside from adding mosquito and tasmota.

And yes I am sure its over a GB already. See screenshot: Database size (on two days old stock HA over 1 GB) and how to proceed

Really ?, You want HA, or any other 3rd part Software take control over your PC/Server/Nas ? , and lets assume you even are running an “image” IN a Virtual machine, how is your idea of getting this “feature” … Controlling your OMV, NAS, Disk-solution, and whatever ? ( have you checked, whether there actually are an add-on that could help you with such an automation) … You know im not allowed to say what i think in here right … and no, im not even curious enough to click at your pic … or even try to suggest on “how to proceed”

Man what the heck are you talking about? I wont take away your freedom, wear a mask or leave it. No reason to get all exited.

And the only thing you have pronounced in here was, “hey stick that HA up your backside as it seams you dont like it”.

IN fact I dont like a buch of stuff on this system, but there are other things I do like. SO all in all i stick around, and try to contribute by sharing my codes and problems.

From your input I have not gained anything. I kind of got the impression, English is not your native tongue, just like me, but either im totally wrong at expressing myself or you dont understand English.

IF telling other folks to go stick HA up the back side is the only thing you want to give to others, why bother to answer at all?

And what do you think you are not allowed to say in here? You already bashed HA and told me to crap it. What could be worse?

So in simple sentences: What I asked for was INFORMATION!!!

HA is a headless system, and nowhere in the UI is an information about what your physical or virtual disc is doing. Well, I now know, I could add a lovelace card displaying my HA disc status. BUT

I had a 32gb virtual disc from the HA project. It was at 31,8gb when it crashed, due to no more space on the host, thats a total different issue, host is my own fault. BUT it would not have lastet long any more, maybe even would not have succeed with the update, due to free disc space issues.

So dont you thinkg that:

“oh crap, this update will use more than 100% of available disk space (even more than 80% should be informed anyway), the operator should be informed about this situation BEFORE we start the update”


“oh crap, the DB takes up more than 25% of total disk space, maybe the owner should be informed about this, he probably wants to know”


“oh crap, all the automatically by the system created backups take up more than 20% of total disc space, we need to inform the operator, so he can make a informed desission”

Of course its always easier to take the easy way out and blame it on the operator. He should have checkt, well not all know about that, e.g. me.

I did run a FHEM for many years, had weather and lots of other data for most of this time (without purging the DB like HA does in stock config), but that system never did grow past 20gb of disc space. From where the heck should I have knowt that HA would fill up a 32GB disc in just a bunch of weeks, not even half a year?

THATS what I want, nothing more, nothing less. I will add an issue to the HA github about it.

Issue closed. no need to give an other destructive answer. Thanks for nothing.