Did supported platforms exposed to Alexa change recently?

For about a year I had a very simple routine on the Alexa app

  1. I say “Alexa, good night”
  2. Alexa says OK
  3. Alexa turns on input_boolean.night_mode
  4. HA seems the input boolean turn on, and does the rest

About 3 weeks ago, I only get to step 2 now. Steps 3 and 4 never happened. I finally have some time to look into it and according to this page, input_booleans aren’t supported. But I’ll be damned if they weren’t supported 3 weeks ago. What gives?

I just tried it with an input boolean (“test”) I have in HA and is listed in the smart home devices in Alexa (exposed via HA) and it works just fine for me on V2021.11.5.

“alexa, turn on test” works at least. I don’t have it set up thru a routine.

I just found the nabu casa alexa site says they do support input_booleans. Do you use nabu casa?

Do you have “cloud: alexa” in your config.yaml or “alexa: smart_home”?