Did you see this? Push notifications to Google Home in .35

Yeah. I am super excited too.

The description says…

Home Assistant 0.35 will include text to speech support that can play on the Google Home, Sonos or any other media player that supports playing from a remote URL.

I’m wondering am I able to DIY it using a Raspberry Pi attached to a speaker?

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From the next release you can control vlc from ha: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/4800
Then you can play the file from your Raspberry Pi

Can you control a remote VLC running another machine? I have one Raspberry 3 Running HA, and another in the kitchen that handle my google calendars for the family and weather radar. I already have VLC running on it and accessible as a speaker from smartthings via VLC Thing. VLC runs on port 8080. I would be nice if I could send TTS to it from HA

Maybe in the future something like this


  • platform: vlc
    name: test
    host: 192.168.7.xx << host of device running vlc
    port: 3030
    password: vlc password

if you can log into http:\192.168.7.xx:3030 with the password it should work.