Difference between mijia and aqara?

What is the difference between mijia and aqara sensors/buttons? I know aqara is the new version. Are they both compatible with homeassistant?

For example the aqara temperature sensor is almost twice as expensive as the old mijia sensor. Same with the button. Does anyone have both and can compare?

I accidentally brought 2 x Mijia door sensors instead of Aqara ones and they are working fine…

I think it’s only an upgrade of the first one, like the reset/pair button is more accessible and the design was changed, but they should both work fine.

The new square temp sensors also have (IIRC) pressure in addition to temp and humidity = better
The new square switches support only click and double click. not long press and long release = worse (alrhough they look nicer)

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Also the new motion sensors have light level sensor

Thanks guys. So the old ones just don’t support all the features, but the features that are supported work exactly the same on the new sensors. Like the motion sensors detect motion in the same range/frequency etc.

If someone knows any other changes, please post here

Does anyone know what the difference is with the door sensor?

edit: Found something and they are exactly the same functionality wise, but the new aqara one seems to have problems with battery reporting, so I’ll get the old one.