Difference between Netgear and NMAP device tracker

Do I understand it correctly that the NMAP device tracking “pings” your phone’s IP address to verify you are home, and as a result drains your battery a bit quicker.
Compared to the NETGEAR device tracker, where you check if the router has your phone’s ip registered and that way not really check your phone, and as a result not drain your battery?

I have managed to make both work, i’m just wondering which one is better for your phone battery life.

I also have my phone’s device tracker working properly, but i have mixed results with how quickly it reacts when i get home.

I want my downstairs lights and porch lights to turn on when i come home. When using my phone’s device tracker, sometimes the lights are already on by the time i reach the gate, other times i’m upstairs by the front door before the lights come on.

The NETGEAR and NMAP device trackers work instantly when i connect to the network, which happens by the time i get of my vehicle under the house, which is what i want/expect.

I’ve already moved my Home zone in that way that the actual house is by the back of the zone so i have more space up front to get detected as getting home, but even then it’s hit or miss