Difference between Trådfri remotes?


I’ve been using an IKEA Trådfri remote paired with a Conbee USB stick and have been really frustrated at how inconsistent the configuration has been. I’ve had it configured to toggle different lights with the different buttons, and it’s been a frustrating experience – I’ve often had to press a button at least twice to have the lights go on or off. Toggling lights through the regular HA interface has been flawless, so I figured the fault must lie with the remote. Today I got a delivery of a few new Trådfri products, including a new remote. This one has the model number E1810, whereas the old was E1524. Lo and behold, the new remote works so much better. Instant response to key presses.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with the previous model? I kind of just want to leave this on a dusty shelf, but if there’s something I’ve overlooked while troubleshooting (no, it doesn’t flash red indicating low battery), then I’d be happy to find some more use for it!