Difference between Zooz Zen71 and Zen76?

I need them for automating two 4-way circuits. While I’m fairly certain that the load/line are in the same box in both circuits, the Zen76 S2 supports the case where they are not and also higher loads (not that I need it given the circuits are all led bulbs). And they’re the same (non-sale) price and not much different in sale price - why would anyone choose the Zen71? It seems like the Zen76 is superior in every way - what am I missing? Trying to make sure I’m not missing something important before I order two of the.

Same question presumably applies for Zen26 vs Zen21 (the older pre-700 models) since it’s like more people have experience with those.

Oh wait… is it that the Zen21/Zen71 support higher loads than the Zen26/76 do? So I’m trading off more 4-way wiring options (which I might care about) for lower total load (which I don’t since it’s all LED lighting).