Differences between open-zwave-control-panel and HA

Hi there,
I have some new Qubino ZMNHBDx Flush 2 Relays I’m trying to troubleshoot and I’ve reached a point in which I need some help to continue :slight_smile:
The relays present themselves a master (switch, energy, power, etc) and as 2 individual entities. So for switches you have name_switch, name_switch2 and name_switch3. ozwcp reflects the status correctly but HA only updates the status for the master one so I don’t know which of the 2 switches has been turned on for example, I only know one has which isn’t great.

HA is setup using config_path: /etc/openzwave/ and ozwcp has the config folder symlinked also to /etc/openzwave to which I’ve also copied the updated config files from openzwave. I’m not sure though if HA searches for these config files in the “config_path” or if that is used only for the zwcfg_0xxxxxx.xml file? Not sure how to update the HA zwave config files if that is the problem as all the information I’ve found points to /srv/homeassistant/src and I don’t have this src folder in my setup.

For anyone else, I found the issue and submitted a PR to open-zwave. Everything working as expected after that.