Differences between the Apple iCloud and Mobile App integrations

Good morning all!
I’ve been playing with HA for a couple of weeks and got installed the Apple iCloud integration with all the devices within my family and some entities for each of them, normally device_tracker and battery_state. Now I discovered the Mobile App integration and it also shows a device_tracker and battery_state. The problem now is that as they are different entities, the name cannot be the same so I have to have two entities for the same purpose let’s say.
Is there any difference between both of them? I saw some discrepancies with the readings. I believe the app should show something more real, but just in case.
Can I just disable one of them?
Thank you!

Yes you can disable one or either of them as you please. You could simply remove the icloud integration or you could also rename the individual entities to something more friendly or to something of your choice.

Having several tracker entities doesn’t hurt and could be useful depending on use case. The more info you have to hand the more you can do with it.

For me I found the icloud integration slow / buggy and had constant issues with authentication. However on the other hand using the HA iOS app as a tracker for me and my partner has been absolutely faultless (I know some others say they have issues with it)

So maybe run both for a while and keep any eye on which one works better for your use case before deciding if you want both or one or the other.

Also although I ditched icloud integration I did replace it with icloud3 to run along side the iOS app for two reasons:

1: I wanted to have tracker for my kids but dont want them to have the HA app so use family sharing ability of icloud through icloud3.

2: I found using battery state via the iOS app to be too unreliable so also use the icloud3 to track device battery states.

So as I say - sometimes having more than one is actually usefull.


I cannot find anything related to icloud3, what do you mean? is there another integration? maybe through HACS?

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