Differences in speedtest on HA dashboard and speedtest-cli

So the HA dashboard never seems to show a speed > 30mbps. However I always get 60+ running speedtest-cli from the same machine. Any thoughts?

I have the same issue, is there a fix for this?

@kanga_who - never found a fix. For whatever reason Home Assistant simply doesn’t report accurate values. I’ve been running it from another machine and piping the csv over to Home Assistant. It’s hacky but seems to be more accurate.

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I run Home Assistant on a HP Microserver with Ubuntu, and I get accurate speed test results


When i was running on a PI , i was only getting at a max 70ish mbits, i know it has a 100mb Nic, but was not where near.

Mine seems to vary wildly. I have a 50/20Mb/s connection that shows a consistent 47/18Mb/s when running a speedtest from a PC connected to the same switch as the Pi.


@Hefford27 - mine is on a Debian VM. As noted in the OP running the command from the CLI yields accurate results. It’s only HASS that gives the “bogus” readings.