Different actions depending on Conditions

Just wondering if there’s any way to set an automation to run a certain action depending on the contentions.
For example I have a Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Nightlight setting for each room and a button to turn them on in the room, also the Living Room comes on automatically when we get home.
This means I have to have a different automation for each button for morning, afternoon, evening and night and then another load for when we get home.
What I what to do is basically say:
If I push the button in the living room OR come home
THEN IF it’s morning activate the Living Room Morning scene
ELSE IF it’s afternoon activate the Living Room Afternoon scene
ELSE IF it’s evening activate the Living Room Evening scene
ELSE If it’s nighttime activate the Living Room Night Scene.

I’ve setup an input select to define what I want Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night to be.
I don’t want them triggering just by time as I have other scenes (such as a movie scene) that I will activate sometimes.

I’d be greatful for any help becasue I’m going to have a never ending list of automations at this rate and figured I must be going about this the wrong way.

I’m new so this may not be the best way…

Button Push and Home Status are your triggers.

Using the choose action should wrap up your condition based on your input select and allow you to fire the scene action assigned to the choice.


This was literally asked yesterday.

Please use the search function on the forum before creating a new thread and read the HA docs. There is a lot of info there that makes this type of automation really easy.

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No offense here but you seem to forget what it’s like to be new and excited about what you’re doing.
As for using the Search or Docs… if you don’t know the terminology the search nets you very little to what you’re specifically trying to do… The Docs are WOEFULLY outdated.

I’ve used the search constantly and sometimes I get lucky other times not so much. We realize to people that have been doing this a while this comes easy to but it doesn’t come easy to everyone.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.

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Sparkydave was simply reporting guideline 1 from the FAQ.

Reminding others how this community forum functions is for the common good; things work better when everyone is aware of the ground rules.

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No I get that but there are times for newer people when searching just doesn’t work… terminology is confusing for them and I understand that 100%… I still have troubles with that myself.

They are not outdated. People just don’t understand yaml, so they don’t understand the documentation. People like myself or 123 can look at any documentation and assist with any problem on the forums without having prior experience with the documented area.

Are the docs perfect? No. But they are not out of date by any means.