Different charts in history graph, even if units are the same

Hi, another history graph weirdness here…

I have several computers I want to measure temperatures from. I’ve setup sensors, every one of them with unit_of_measurement set as “ºC”, but when I add all of them to history graph, one of them is drawn as a different graph:


First thing I thought is there was some problem with units. But for the life of me I can’t see any difference in “GPU” entity compared to the rest. Every one of them is set with the exact same unit of measurement. One of them (labeled GPU) comes from MQTT:

    - platform: mqtt
      state_topic: "mediacenter/gputemp"
      name: "Temperatura GPU"
      unit_of_measurement: "ºC"
      icon: "mdi:thermometer"

While others come either from Glances sensor, or from Xiaomi sensors, which set units themselves, but looking at entity’s state in developers options, all of them use the same unit of measurement (“ºC”). For GPU sensor, developers options show as:

unit_of_measurement: ºC
friendly_name: Temperatura GPU
icon: mdi:thermometer

And for one of the sensors correctly grouped, it’s:

battery_level: 45
unit_of_measurement: °C
friendly_name: Temp salón
device_class: temperature

So I don’t know what else to do. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in units, not even a space or something, yet this particular sensor is shown apart from the rest. Decimal places don’t seem to be the problem either, because the correctly grouped sensors are a mixed thing (some use decimals, some are even numbers).

Any idea what might be happening here? Have I hit a bug?


As daft as this sounds I think your degrees symbol is different on your GPU sensor.

See this post for the correct way to set the units for your GPU.


You’re totally right, I hadn’t realized “°C” wasn’t the same as “ºC”.

Now I’m getting “GPU” in both graphs, but I suppose that’s the result of having mixed units in history, and it will get sorted out in 24h or so, when all values use same unit.

Thanks a lot!