Different Hue Automation For Daytime/Nighttime

Maybe someone can steer me as to what I’m missing…

I’ve set up three different automations for my closet light using Hue. One is a baseline which turns the light off if there is no motion (Hue Motion) for 30 seconds, which works fine. I created a second automation to turn the light to full brightness during daylight hours, which works fine, until…

I create a third which tell the light to be a different brightness/color after sunset.

Once I create the additional configuration, the behavior is erratic, or it doesn’t work at all. It’s like the triggers are conflicting. I’ve tried defining sunrise/sunset as both a trigger or a condition and have similar issues. So I have two triggers for sunrise… One is “after sunrise” and the other is “motion detected”… For the sunset I have “after sunset” and “motion detected”… They cancel each other somehow.

Am I going about this the wrong way?