Different IP from host with docker Install

Hello everybody, first post but I really lost. After an SD died while testing Hassio on my raspberry 2b I decided to install it on my pc that is acting like a NAS using docker under ubuntu18.04. Loved the speed increase but I don’t like that Hassio now shared the IP of my NAS, so that if I ever want to give it a separate machine to run on, I would need to reconfigure all of my devices to use the new IP. From my understading reading around in the past week using the MACVLAN driver in docker you can have a container with a different IP from the host machine, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to enable this with HASSIO. Has anyone done this, different IP for hassio from the host machine? Can you please point me in the right direction?

I have created the network with portainer in docker, but if I add the supervisor to said network port 8123 does not repond. And adding the homeassistant cointainer to the MACVLAN is not possible as I get the “container sharing network namespace cannot be added to another network problem”.

Am I the only one with this kind of problem? or am I going the wrong direction and there is another way that I am not aware of?

You should try editing the service and script files instead of trying to hack the running docker.

What OS is host running? You could likely give it a second IP at that level and use one IP for NAS services and one for HA.

Were you able to modify the IP?
I’m in the same situation as yours.