Different Logins

I would like to see a guest login for house sitters and Family logins so my sister cant turn my lights off while i’m in my room. And have rooms for kiosk mode on tablets. The different logins would allow you to “grant” access to different features. Like user House Sitter can turn lights in the main rooms on and off, turn fans on and off, change temperature, unlock and lock exterior doors, control garage, control exterior lights, and blinds, but not be able to lock and unlock bedroom doors, change light state in bedrooms, and anything else you don’t want them to access. Suggestion on yaml code: in the configuration.yaml have something like "user_http_login: " and have the yaml code look something like:
- group.living_room
- group.exterior_lights
- group.kitchen_lights
- camera.front_door
- fan.desk_fan
- automation.bathroom_night_light
- automation.night
- automation.morning”