Different notification sound with companion. Possible?


I am using companion +/- 30min :wink:
I´ts great bur i´have one question…

I want a different notification sound for diferent automations… It´s possible?

What should i have here to have a diferent *.wav?

        sound: "US-EN-Morgan-Freeman-Roommate-Is-Arriving.wav"

In thw WIKI tell me to:

In the Home Assistant companion app, open the App Configuration page from the sidebar.

But there is no configuration page…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Custom sounds are iOS-specific at this time, per the documentation.

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You can use channels and then change the notification sound from the phone it self for each channel


Yep, I suspected so when I started reading about the companion app and seeing all the little Apple logo’s.

IMO, there could have been a separate doc for Android stating work in progress vs this combined page with little Android clarity in this regard, alluding continuance for functionality that doesn’t exist.

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The docs are going to actually reflect the icons in places that are iOS only or Android only, this was something we discussed a while ago and there are certain features that we build together so it makes sense to keep it together. For Android you need to use notification channels as mentioned in the link above yours to achieve the same functionality

@dshokouhi Yes, reading Notification Channels after posting (thought it was an IOS thing) :frowning:

Makes sense to keep together, I simply did not identify nor see headings w/icon-only depiction; now understood;
Much appreciate the clarification(s) :wink:

This works great, using it myself. Only caveat is that each user has to set it manually on his/her phone.