Different Raspi Sensor data

I have a raspberry pi that runs my BrewPi which controls my fermentation chamber for brewing beer. I have a Panel iFrame setup but this is only displaying the data on a portion of HASS that I sometimes don’t look at.

I had an incident over the weekend where a corrupted SD card kept the controller from turning the chest freezer on to keep things at a certain set temperature. Is there a way to bring in the sensor data so I can setup automation and notifications if the temperature deviates to far from the set temp?


In short, Yes.

But the next question “how” has a lot of different answers depending on how the BrewPi is setup and the rest of your infrastructure.

For example, are your sensors that tell the temperature, etc tied into your BrewPi? If so, you need a way to get the information out of the BrewPi sent over to HA. That could be hardware or software sent over IP. It could be sent by MQTT, Sockets, Wifi, etc. If you have separate sensors that can be integrated into HA directly that would make things easier from the HA side but it may not be ideal from the brewing side.

So give us some more information about how the BrewPi is setup, does it allow for other methods of reading the sensors, etc…

There are two parts. The controller ( BrewPi Spark) that the temp probes are plugged into and the raspi that creates the web interface, I should be able to pull the sensor data from the raspi.

I have the the BrewPi plugged into the raspi via usb and the raspi is connected to the network via Ethernet.

I hope this help answer a few questions.

I’m thinking about making my own fermentation chamber using the beer fridge and HA I already have. However, I don’t have the brewpi at all. I do have that fridge connected to a Sonoff POW that’s been hacked to send mqtt to HA, as well as lots of DHT11/22’s and 1 ds18b20’s connected to ESP12e’s. I’m figuring I can set a temp sensor in the fridge, set fridge to “coldest” and control the fridge via automations/scripts. Probably more work than BrewPi each time I have to set it but less work up front? I would still have graphs of temp data in HA for beer temp feedback. Would this work?