Different Stats between More Info and Long Term

HI All
I am running the Android app, and have found a funny issue.

So If I click on the battery sensor, the graph is quiet weird, as it appears it hasn’t been updated. I click on the last updated and it said it was at 4:45pm (Time in now 9:14pm). However the sensor in the top right is correct (see below)

However, if I click on show more, the graph appears to be correct

So, my question is anyone seen this issue before, I only upgraded to 2022.11.5 yesterday, and noticed it today. Also, it appears other non-mobile related sensors are not affected. (However, haven’t checked all of them)

Well. I have now updated to the latest beta android version beta-2982-956b26cc-full and it appears to be working again… strange. I also checked some other sensors which the mobile users, and they appear to be working as well.