Different switch types on entries card

I have two kind of light dimmers:

  1. KinkAanKlikUIt, connected via RFXCOM
  2. Shelly connected via wifi.

Both dimmers show up different in Lovelace entries card:

When clicking on the text of both entries the dimmer slider appears, what I like.
I like to have both type of switches looking the same, prefer a toggle.
How can I do that?

You need to provide state feedback to home assistant for light.d11. Or configure the light as optimistic. Optimistic mode assumes that the state home assistant sends is always received and that nothing else can change the light state. If this is not the case the switch will get out of sync with the actual state of the light. Far better to provide state feedback.

I understand the difference, KlikAanKlikUit does not provide feedback of the state. But where do I have to to configure the light as optimistic?

    switch.d11_etc: # write the full entity id of KinkAanKlikUIt here
      assumed_state: false