Different switch types


I know there is a toggle switch in HA.
But in my search for other switches I was wondering, why aren’t there any other switches integrated by default like

  • rotating knob with multiple settings (off /1 /2/ 3/ 4/ etc)
  • push button, press once and it releases automatically
  • slider, to set intensity, or color, etc.

Hope to find some answers here…

Do a search for these items in order:

  • Input_select
  • Lovelace button card
  • Input_number

Hey Tom, I think that’s a push button…
So, to add a push button to - let’s say - let some sound play on a PA system, I’ll have to create all kind of code in a card (setup color scheme’s and what not).
To make HA very approachable for everyone we should be able to create a switch from the UI by type of own choice (ie: toggle / pushbutton / slider / knob-selector) and add actions (call services/set states/etc…) for the switch types (short press pushbutton or hold pushbutton).
I think thats more natural then those toggle switches.
We have had toggle swtich on the wall and appliances from 1864, now it’s time for something new :smiley:
The UI with different ‘selector’ types of switches similar to the real world should work more intuitive.
Now I have a toggle to send an ‘open’ command my gate with an automation to switch that toggle of, and another toggle to send a ‘close’ command an another automation to switch it back to idle…
I think pushbuttons with these kind of automations should be there out of the box.

How about you all?

There are three different things I asked you to look at. Only of them is a push button.

You can have any type of switch you want with Lovelace custom cards. You will have to write some code.

They are.

Hey Tom,

thanks, I got that.
I was trying to make a point here;

  • a users shouldn’t have to search for terms to create a switch of his/her choice
  • a users should be able to add a switch of his/her choice without programming knowledge

I have a little programming background…from 20 years ago and I’m not looking forward to program my own cards to have a switch type probably all users of home automation software/appliances want.
Sure, we can buy one from one of the many vendors out there, but I like the way HA is growing and was trying to add some thoughts to the community, so maybe someone with real programming qualities sees this conversation and thinks alike…

Hi, do you have any update or custom component based on knob button please?