Different take on HVAC control need assistance

So I have a house that has a primary heat source of Hydronic Baseboard heated by Oil boiler, with recently added Mini-Split heat pumps. Note the heat pumps heat the basement, and the Second Floor bedrooms. While the heat pumps totally heat the basement, they do not cover the guest bathroom on the 2nd floor.
The oil heat has 4 zones (basement, first floor, 2nd floor, garage).

Note heat pumps were added to provide AC, heat is just an addon bonus. While I have the addon bonus I would like to maximize the energy efficiency during the winter. I would like to have in HA a single T-stat for each zone. Then be able to have automation decide for each zone which is the most effiecent method of heating based on external temperatures and use that heat source. The other BIG caveat is on the second floor I need to monitor the guest bathroom temperature and ENABLE the oil heat source if the temperature gets too low. NOTE I have temp sensors everywhere and I use NodeRed for my automations.

Heat pumps are controlled via ClimateIR in ESPHOME and oil heat via Ecobee integration.

Goal have a single HA UI for each zone to set the temperature but have automation decide how to achieve this. I thought of using Generic Thermostat but that is a bit limited. Other ideas?