Different tap actions for icon and name in an entity row?

I have a dashboard set up with entity cards as below. I’d like to have a different action called depending on whether I press the text for each light (toggle the light on/off) or the icon (calls a browsermod service.

At the moment I’m using paper-buttons-row for each entity row and calling a different action based on whether the row is tapped or double-tapped, however I can’t separate the action of the icon and the text.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this? Willing to use a different custom front-end element as long as I can retain the same appearance and functionality I have at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Not sure on the etiquette of bumping unanswered topics here, so sorry if it’s not the done thing. Does anyone have any idea of how to help?

Still looking for the answer to this!

Entity row may be mimiced by custom:multiple-entity-row where you may select different actions for some elements.

but you still end up with a tap action belonging to an entity. Means as long as one uses an entity which does have a name and an icon you can hardly link the tap_actions to the name or the icon. It remains being bound to the entity.
In other words 2 entities, one onyl showing it’s name the other only showing it’s icon.

Perhaps jonathanc could explain what he’s after … most times there’s multiple ways to archive the same thing in the end.

Thanks, for example if I press the lightbulb next to “Dining” I’d like to toggle my Dining light entity, but if I press the “Dining” text I’d like it to trigger a browsermod popup.

Happy to achieve in whatever way I can, not stuck to any particular method.

I’d say you need 2 entities then, 1 only showing it’s icon without a name and next to it another one showing the name but no icon. Then you have 2 entites separated from each other while if being placed next to each other they do like belonging together. As already suggested multiple-entity-row might be a good idea to start with. It’s well documented with lots of examples.

As I said - check multiple-entity-row.

Unfortunately multiple entity row was the first I tried and I couldn’t get it to repeat that at all. From memory I couldn’t get it to show only an icon and not a toggle button/state next to it.

If there’s some way to get it to behave as I want it to then I’m all ears and I know I might just be missing something, but I tried with multiple entity rows for hours!

Unclear, could you post a draft (ms paint or whatever) of a row you want to create?