Different UI with different integration and entities

I need 3 UI (or lovelace) of home assistant, and I have 3 custom integration: bus485 and bus485_1 and bus485_2, I hope entities of bus485 will show in one UI (or lovelace) , and entities of bus485_1 will show in the 2nd UI (or lovelace) , entities of bus485_2 will show in the 3rd UI (or lovelace) , What should I do? Thank you very much!

Have you read the Docs, it really should be where everyone starts.


especially the bit about multiple dashboards

Thank you very much.
according to the documents: “Once you take control of your UI via YAML, the Home Assistant interface for modifying it won’t be available anymore and new entities will not automatically be added to your UI.”,
I can manually put these entities of 3 kinds of integration into the correspondent UI/lovelcae, but it will not change once new entity be connected to the bus485 or bus485_1 or bus485_2, I mean, I need ‘new entities will automatically be added to the correspondent UI’, that is the problem I want to solve. Thanks a lot, my friend.

If you want to control your dashboards, you’ll have to add them yourself.

Or just leave the default one and add a new dash and take over that one. The overview one then will stay as normal.


the default one (UI /lovelace) will show all entities of 3 kinds of integration automatically, I can add new lovelace using ‘config - lovelace - add new lovelace’ and the new one (UI/lovelace) can show all entities of 3 kinds of integration automatically too, but I hope I can use some filter so the new one will only show these entities of the integration I need. Thanks!

Have you read the docs yet? They will tell you how to add dashboards and then populate with the cards you want on them.