Difficulties with installation of Home Assistant Operating System on Generic X86-64

Hi All,
I have a box formerly used as a thin client, Fujitsu Futro S700. The box is driven by an AMD G-T44R CPU which should be 64bit] and 2GB of RAM.
I wanted to do an Home Assistant Operating System install as described in the documentation. I’m not 100% sure if the box and the BIOS support UEFI.
I have unmounted the built in 2GB mSATA SSD as I assume it’s too small for a HA installation anyway.
Then I selected an 256GB SSD to which i wrote the HAOSS image with balena Etcher.
When I attahced the disk to my Futro and booted I selected the boot menu and selected the UEFI partition from the formerly mentioned SSD to be used as boot device.

Then I rund into a boot problem as documented in the following two screenshots

Any idea about what goes wrong? Any hint or guidance what I can do?

Looking forward to your feedback and to any help!

Best regards


Allthough apparently no one had a clue about the issue or at least no one wanted to respond, it seems I have found the issue myself. The device Fujitsu Futro S700 does not support UEFI boot and HAOS apparently does not provide any other boot option!

I have acquired meanwhile a HP T620 thin client device and I managed to install HAOS on that device.

I’m currently installing Microsoft OS on the Futro S700, where I have uograded the internal mSATA SSD from the original 2GB to 32GB. Additionally I will upgrade RAM from 2GB to 4GB and then I will experiment with the device and a CAN-Bus 2 USB Adapter to read from and write to the controller of our heating system.

So if anyone finds this topic:

  1. Thin client Fujitsu Futro S700 is not capable of UEFI boot and hence cannot run HAOS!
  2. Thin client HP T620 can easily run HAOS and it’s M.2 SSD can easily be upgrade as well as it’s RAM!

Have a great rest of the Sunday and a great week!

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