Difficulties with Nest Thermostat

Im a HA newbie, trying to work my way through setting up Nest Thermostat.
It took my a while to work through all the API and authentication but finally completed what I thought was a successful integration without any errors.

Currently trying to pull some basic information such as temperature and im not finding any of that information available, its only showing me device information as shown below.

Does anyone know where I might have gone wrong?

Climate.x is not an available option.

Have you looked at the entity in Developer Tools? The device_tracker domain won’t return the info that you are looking for.

Theres nothing relating to climate there.

Only thing I can spot is the google cloud platform could be unhappy with my authorised URL being HTTP not HTTPS. It appears to allow me to use HTTP for an unpublished app but not for published

The entity you want starts with climate.. I don’t know what the device tracker is, so can’t help with that one.